Getting to know your characters.

I have finally emerged from my cave of thoughts, and I can’t wait to tell you about it. I have come up with a new character!!!  I am literally bursting with enthusiasm right now, when it comes to writing this is my favorite part. Getting to know my character are they male or female? Old or young? cool or nerdy? So many things to think about and it is all so fresh and new.

Okay sorry about all the rhyming my bad. I can’t always help it when it comes to a new character I often spend weeks on end figuring out who they are, what makes them tick, how are they different. When it comes to this new character I have somethings figured out but I am still hashing out the rest. So far I have it’s a female, and she is living an action filled life. Not sure if she is a Cop, Spy, Detective, or FBI. But I am sure that when she is around things will go boom! That is all I have right now I am still working on her name. I will fill all you lovely readers in as it comes to me. Thanks for reading and the comment box is always open.


Nothing is truly free.

Feeling a little bogged down from my writing, and the last few books I read. I decided to take a day or two off my pen and just refresh my mind. Road trip seemed like the best way to clear away the cobwebs clouding my imagination. Off to the coast I went to enjoy the calming rhythmic sounds of bird and waves. The hotel room sounded great free wifi in every room. Perfect just in case the writing mood struck me. 

 I watched the ocean till my eyes crossed. Then I communed with the seagulls till I could understand what their garbled squawks meant. ( It was only midday.) I was bored, so bored that every seagull cry sounded like they were telling me to get my pen and write something.

So I did, and I soon learned why the wifi was free in every room. I had just finished typing out an article, first time things freely flowed in awhile. Coping the article I placed it in it’s proper format and hit send. The little whirling wheel that tells you the computer was loading started to spin, and spin, and spin?  Honestly Morse Code would be faster. 20 minutes later and that stupid wheel was still whirling. By then the internet had crashed two times I lost my document once, and had to reboot my whole computer. And the dang gone thing still hadn’t sent yet. Yep life is great :/ !  The only good thing to come of it is the fact that I have been writing up a storm. Drama  seems to get my writing juices flowing better than any ocean retreat. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog, all my lovely readers, feel free to leave a comment on you best writers block breaker.

Reading blues

I just finished reading this book, which I will leave nameless. It was a book I couldn’t wait to get, I heard so many good things about it and the reviews were fantastic. So I read it my verdict….. I didn’t like it. First of all for a YA book I found it very violent, and I had a hard time believing the parents of the protagonist would stand by and simply let their 12 year old child go off and join a war! I mean I know it’s just a story and its a YA book. (A genre I read often cause that is the age group I write for.) But seriously any parent even a bad parent would not let that happen. I am reminded of a quote from H.G Wells, it was a long forward but the highlight was this, ” If you write a book about fantasy and the pigs fly that is something special. But if in the book the people fly, the cars fly, and the houses fly, then a pig flying won’t make a big impact. always start with real life, then weave in the fantasy.” Now this may have been written for fantasy writers but I believe it fits all writing genres. “If everything is special then nothing is.” The Incredibles.

Either way I learned a lot from the experience. One thing is never break your personal reading rules, I did to read this book. I let the reviewers and the fact that the writer was a well known author sway me into buying this book, breaking rule number one: never buy a book for any reason other than the fact that you like the plot. I completely ignored rule two: some best sellers are a work of art, but most are hyped up by a big name. I am not saying I hate best sellers for I do desire to be one some day. But this book reminded me why i generally avoid them. Usually when it comes to a book I let the book choose me so to speak. Woo me with it’s plot and engage me for hours leaving traces of it’s story behind in my mind to go over and over. I guess to wrap this blog/ rant up this book wasn’t it and that’s  $9.50 I wont get back. Thanks all my lovely readers for listening to me rant for a bit, be sure to leave any of your reading woes in the comment section, love to hear from you.


My-My & Me

Learning to write among distractions is getting to be my specialty. I have recently bought a puppy! A puppy good company and a wonderful listener, or so I thought. I was also interested in getting more exercise so I looked into a more sporting breed like Golds, Labs, etc. I had a dog before so I knew what having a puppy involves. I finally settled on an Aussie, and named him My-My. 

 First thing I learned was getting a high energy breed after having an older dog, (Charlie passed last summer at 15.) was a little more than I bargained for. My-My was interested in everything but obedience and my writing. In fact he often showed his displeasure of having to sit whilst I read him my latest chapter or plot line, by ripping up my work when I left the room or stealing my pen, sometimes while I was still writing. Having learned to keep my work up where My-My can’t reach he learned a new technique. Race around the room as fast as he can when ever I picked up a pen, if that doesn’t work he has taken to knocking things off my bookcase. 

In the short five months I have had My-My he has proven to be my meanest critic, the hardest physical trainer, and the most stubborn pup I have ever tried to train. But I still love him. Why? because in the five months I have had the little drill sergeant My writing has soared. My-My’s stubborn nature has forced me to look outside the box, think of new ways to do things. At least when he is not running across my laptop keyboard typing his own book of a fashion. 

For the record, I don’t know why I thought an Aussie pup would make a good writing companion, and I am not endorsing the idea for every writer to go out and buy a high strung hard to train animal. But for me, My-My keeps me company, he keeps me fit, and best of all he keeps me writing. So I am still not sure why I got him, but I am glad I did. Thanks for reading all my lovely readers, and please share your stories about your little bundles of fur, I’d love to hear them.

Why we write things down.

 I picked this title because I usually write things down, in the past six years since I started writing I have always wrote down every good, bad, and oddball idea that came to mind. But this week for some strange reason I decided to rely on Mr Brain, and this is what I have for this weekends blog……… Exactly nothing.

Why? Why did I do that? It is like I just woke up one morning and said hey Mr Brain you have never been reliable ever, but I think I am going to give you the key to the mint. The key to two new plot lines and a really good blog. Now I am not going to back it up. I think you can hold it all in there for me because, well this is really important. And Mr Brain said sure pass me that bottle of whisky and I’ll keep all your secrets safe. 

So end of the week I call back on Mr brain to pony up, time to cash in on all those good ideas. I sat there staring at an empty screen for like ten minutes waiting, wondering where all my good ideas have gone and Mr Brain just sat there laughing at the fool who trusted it. And so I end this blog with a warning never trust Mr brain with all your prize ideas always back up your work with pen and paper, or your Mr Brain will be laughing at you. Have a good weekend all my lovely readers and feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading

Making the most of time.

Seems like a funny title for any who know me. I am the grand procrastinator. If it isn’t late you can bet I didn’t write it. Writing for me is always a thin line between flashes of pen strokes gliding across the once blank page, translating the story in my mind into a tangible plot for others to read, and moments of utter envy. (yeah JK I am thinking about you!!)

So why am I writing about time? Because if you don’t make the best of it you will never finish your book. I have read many things on writing but there are only a two that stick. if you are busy like me ( during the day I am a printer, gotta make those ends meet) and you have a story on your mind take the write every free moment method. Problem is you have to practically live with a notepad tucked in your pocket, which can be awkward and a bit bulky. (Not to mention keeping all those little pieces of paper together is tricky.) But you will find your plot line making great progress.

Another method is to find your creative hour. Sounds weird and can take some time to figure out but it works. I myself am a night owl, ten to midnight are my time. I find this works especially well since I am often prone to writers block. Using your creative hour gives you your best shot at actually writing some thing. Finding your creative hour isn’t hard you probably already know, you just haven’t taken full advantage of it yet. Look for the time when you are the most inspired, when the words flow from your pen, typewriter, or laptop the fastest. note the time, odds are this is your creative hour. Trying these two techniques has helped me and hopefully will help you. To all my readers, Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment.

To the bitter end.

Most writers all have the either the same or similar background stories. We all start as avid readers and enjoy the company of books. The variations usually come with the what made us decide to journey down the rocky frost heave covered road to becoming a writer.

For the last few days I have been without wifi, so I had a lot of time to think about this blog and I decided to focus on the reading habits writers share. It always starts with reading, we read any and everything. We read cover to cover numerous books a month, a week, and in some case a day. It almost always starts that way. Then we start writing and suddenly we become picky we read a less and if the story isn’t quite to our liking we don’t finish.

Why? This is what I have been wondering these past three internet free days. I use to read like the wind even if I didn’t like the plot. So why the change? For me I think that as I toyed with the idea of becoming a writer I read a lot, so that I could further study methods and genres. But part of it was more like I was reading so much because I hoped that someone would push through my book some day. I guess after learning all the hoops a writer must go through I realized some bored stiff publisher or reader reading through my tale was unlikely. So now I read for the joy and hope that someday people will do the same with my books, not because they feel they have too but because they want too. Which is why I started to write with all the old beloved classics I wanted create a new series one people will love and rename their new classic. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment.

Vicious Circle

I found myself asking that question a lot lately. What am I doing working or writing? It is always such a balancing act.

We all have heard of the vicious circle on TV commercials, why don’t I become a “blank” Because I didn’t go to school. I didn’t go to school cause I didn’t have the money. I didn’t have the money cause I didn’t go to school. End scene.

This is how my head feels when I look at an unfinished manual script. Why didn’t I finish? Cause I have to go to work. I have to go to work cause I didn’t finish my writing and on and on it goes. I needed to try harder to find the time to write. Ergo I decided sleep was a luxury. Have you ever saw those old movie films where the writer becomes a crazed drunkard? Yeah that would be cause they viewed sleep as a luxury they could not afford.

So since I am writing this blog sober, you can I have decided to shell out the cash so to speak for sleep. So what can you do to get off the work train and into the life that leads to you living in a castle in Scotland? Honestly I don’t know but when I do I promise to share. For now I am using every spare moment to write. Thanks for reading Please leave a comment when you can, I would love to hear from you. Even if it’s to point out a typo (wink).

work and writing

Just finished writing two articles for the paper. I had a midnight deadline and I hit the wall. The special wall, the one just for people like me with no room to fail. This wall is found between Writer’s Block Alley and You’ll Never Make Your Deadline Lane. Fortunately I was able to burrow a hole wide enough to reach my deadline. Now I ask all you writers out there, what is your best technic to beat writers block?

When all is said and done.

After a long day at work, and battling the crushing waves of writers block. I take comfort in this one thought that came to me on the long drive through the snow covered roads to work.

 “A day without writing is like a summer without rain.” 

Without constant practice any skill I have attained will not grow it will only wither and die. And so I keep writing though the words come out mangled and wrong. I keep writing even if its only a little every day and hope this rain will help me grow.