After a long day at work, and battling the crushing waves of writers block. I take comfort in this one thought that came to me on the long drive through the snow covered roads to work.

 “A day without writing is like a summer without rain.” 

Without constant practice any skill I have attained will not grow it will only wither and die. And so I keep writing though the words come out mangled and wrong. I keep writing even if its only a little every day and hope this rain will help me grow. 


One thought on “When all is said and done.

  1. Never give up, you sound just like me. The words are there, the dreams and aspirations also. I often felt I did not have the right to call myself a writer due to a lack of education. I do not lack imagination or experience of life. The grammar and punctuation I can learn…slowly yet I can. Keep spilling it onto the page. If it burns inside, you need to write, I can’t imagine a day without it now.

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