Most writers all have the either the same or similar background stories. We all start as avid readers and enjoy the company of books. The variations usually come with the what made us decide to journey down the rocky frost heave covered road to becoming a writer.

For the last few days I have been without wifi, so I had a lot of time to think about this blog and I decided to focus on the reading habits writers share. It always starts with reading, we read any and everything. We read cover to cover numerous books a month, a week, and in some case a day. It almost always starts that way. Then we start writing and suddenly we become picky we read a less and if the story isn’t quite to our liking we don’t finish.

Why? This is what I have been wondering these past three internet free days. I use to read like the wind even if I didn’t like the plot. So why the change? For me I think that as I toyed with the idea of becoming a writer I read a lot, so that I could further study methods and genres. But part of it was more like I was reading so much because I hoped that someone would push through my book some day. I guess after learning all the hoops a writer must go through I realized some bored stiff publisher or reader reading through my tale was unlikely. So now I read for the joy and hope that someday people will do the same with my books, not because they feel they have too but because they want too. Which is why I started to write with all the old beloved classics I wanted create a new series one people will love and rename their new classic. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment.


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