I picked this title because I usually write things down, in the past six years since I started writing I have always wrote down every good, bad, and oddball idea that came to mind. But this week for some strange reason I decided to rely on Mr Brain, and this is what I have for this weekends blog……… Exactly nothing.

Why? Why did I do that? It is like I just woke up one morning and said hey Mr Brain you have never been reliable ever, but I think I am going to give you the key to the mint. The key to two new plot lines and a really good blog. Now I am not going to back it up. I think you can hold it all in there for me because, well this is really important. And Mr Brain said sure pass me that bottle of whisky and I’ll keep all your secrets safe. 

So end of the week I call back on Mr brain to pony up, time to cash in on all those good ideas. I sat there staring at an empty screen for like ten minutes waiting, wondering where all my good ideas have gone and Mr Brain just sat there laughing at the fool who trusted it. And so I end this blog with a warning never trust Mr brain with all your prize ideas always back up your work with pen and paper, or your Mr Brain will be laughing at you. Have a good weekend all my lovely readers and feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading


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