Learning to write among distractions is getting to be my specialty. I have recently bought a puppy! A puppy good company and a wonderful listener, or so I thought. I was also interested in getting more exercise so I looked into a more sporting breed like Golds, Labs, etc. I had a dog before so I knew what having a puppy involves. I finally settled on an Aussie, and named him My-My. 

 First thing I learned was getting a high energy breed after having an older dog, (Charlie passed last summer at 15.) was a little more than I bargained for. My-My was interested in everything but obedience and my writing. In fact he often showed his displeasure of having to sit whilst I read him my latest chapter or plot line, by ripping up my work when I left the room or stealing my pen, sometimes while I was still writing. Having learned to keep my work up where My-My can’t reach he learned a new technique. Race around the room as fast as he can when ever I picked up a pen, if that doesn’t work he has taken to knocking things off my bookcase. 

In the short five months I have had My-My he has proven to be my meanest critic, the hardest physical trainer, and the most stubborn pup I have ever tried to train. But I still love him. Why? because in the five months I have had the little drill sergeant My writing has soared. My-My’s stubborn nature has forced me to look outside the box, think of new ways to do things. At least when he is not running across my laptop keyboard typing his own book of a fashion. 

For the record, I don’t know why I thought an Aussie pup would make a good writing companion, and I am not endorsing the idea for every writer to go out and buy a high strung hard to train animal. But for me, My-My keeps me company, he keeps me fit, and best of all he keeps me writing. So I am still not sure why I got him, but I am glad I did. Thanks for reading all my lovely readers, and please share your stories about your little bundles of fur, I’d love to hear them.


2 thoughts on “My-My & Me

  1. Lov the name, we have three cats that love to walk all over my key board too! Leaving hair and paw prints oh dear……The working Dog Sandy our beautiful Kelpie stays outside….far too hypo but gorgeous just the same

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