I just finished reading this book, which I will leave nameless. It was a book I couldn’t wait to get, I heard so many good things about it and the reviews were fantastic. So I read it my verdict….. I didn’t like it. First of all for a YA book I found it very violent, and I had a hard time believing the parents of the protagonist would stand by and simply let their 12 year old child go off and join a war! I mean I know it’s just a story and its a YA book. (A genre I read often cause that is the age group I write for.) But seriously any parent even a bad parent would not let that happen. I am reminded of a quote from H.G Wells, it was a long forward but the highlight was this, ” If you write a book about fantasy and the pigs fly that is something special. But if in the book the people fly, the cars fly, and the houses fly, then a pig flying won’t make a big impact. always start with real life, then weave in the fantasy.” Now this may have been written for fantasy writers but I believe it fits all writing genres. “If everything is special then nothing is.” The Incredibles.

Either way I learned a lot from the experience. One thing is never break your personal reading rules, I did to read this book. I let the reviewers and the fact that the writer was a well known author sway me into buying this book, breaking rule number one: never buy a book for any reason other than the fact that you like the plot. I completely ignored rule two: some best sellers are a work of art, but most are hyped up by a big name. I am not saying I hate best sellers for I do desire to be one some day. But this book reminded me why i generally avoid them. Usually when it comes to a book I let the book choose me so to speak. Woo me with it’s plot and engage me for hours leaving traces of it’s story behind in my mind to go over and over. I guess to wrap this blog/ rant up this book wasn’t it and that’s  $9.50 I wont get back. Thanks all my lovely readers for listening to me rant for a bit, be sure to leave any of your reading woes in the comment section, love to hear from you.



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