Feeling a little bogged down from my writing, and the last few books I read. I decided to take a day or two off my pen and just refresh my mind. Road trip seemed like the best way to clear away the cobwebs clouding my imagination. Off to the coast I went to enjoy the calming rhythmic sounds of bird and waves. The hotel room sounded great free wifi in every room. Perfect just in case the writing mood struck me. 

 I watched the ocean till my eyes crossed. Then I communed with the seagulls till I could understand what their garbled squawks meant. ( It was only midday.) I was bored, so bored that every seagull cry sounded like they were telling me to get my pen and write something.

So I did, and I soon learned why the wifi was free in every room. I had just finished typing out an article, first time things freely flowed in awhile. Coping the article I placed it in it’s proper format and hit send. The little whirling wheel that tells you the computer was loading started to spin, and spin, and spin?  Honestly Morse Code would be faster. 20 minutes later and that stupid wheel was still whirling. By then the internet had crashed two times I lost my document once, and had to reboot my whole computer. And the dang gone thing still hadn’t sent yet. Yep life is great :/ !  The only good thing to come of it is the fact that I have been writing up a storm. Drama  seems to get my writing juices flowing better than any ocean retreat. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog, all my lovely readers, feel free to leave a comment on you best writers block breaker.


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