I have finally emerged from my cave of thoughts, and I can’t wait to tell you about it. I have come up with a new character!!!  I am literally bursting with enthusiasm right now, when it comes to writing this is my favorite part. Getting to know my character are they male or female? Old or young? cool or nerdy? So many things to think about and it is all so fresh and new.

Okay sorry about all the rhyming my bad. I can’t always help it when it comes to a new character I often spend weeks on end figuring out who they are, what makes them tick, how are they different. When it comes to this new character I have somethings figured out but I am still hashing out the rest. So far I have it’s a female, and she is living an action filled life. Not sure if she is a Cop, Spy, Detective, or FBI. But I am sure that when she is around things will go boom! That is all I have right now I am still working on her name. I will fill all you lovely readers in as it comes to me. Thanks for reading and the comment box is always open.


2 thoughts on “Getting to know your characters.

  1. I feel the same enthusiasm about writing and truly getting to know my characters. Check out some of my work on retireand read.wordpress.com ALSO, redflaggs.wordpress.com

    1. Sure sounds good. I always enjoy hearing what others have to say when it comes to getting to know their characters. Look forward to reading your work 🙂

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