Music & writing

It has been a long day, when I realized I hadn’t written my columns for the paper! Tired beyond my wildest dream and wishing I was in dreamland right now. I cracked open my laptop with my trusty partner My-My at my side, I tackled the blank screen. An hour later my screen was still blank and now I had the rhythmic tune of My-My the wonder dog snoring in my ear. It is now two hours from my deadline and I only have one article done, time to pull from my bag of tricks. For me I use music as my motivation nothing gets me going like the easy to type too beats of the yeah yeah yeahs, or the soulful sounds of Imogen Heap. But today I was in a bad place writing wise so I broke out my surefire CPR stat pile and settled on Death cab for a cutie. Two articles edited and sent later, and with a half hour still left on my deadline I am a happy writer. So I wrote this because as a chronic sufferer of writers block I am always looking for ways to break through the block, today it was music. So if you are gazing at the moon with me tonight typing away, why not put on your favorite tune so you can reach the land of dreams too. Thank you so much all you lovely readers for taking the time to read this blog, the comment box is always open can’t wait to hear from you. 


Writers block.

What is writers block? That is a question I wondered many times over when I first started writing. Those who have been writing for years are pretty mute on the subject. The usually response to my question is  the averting of their eyes, and full body cringe at the words Writers block. But I honestly wanted to know, as a new writer my stories simply poured out of me. The thought of not being able to write seemed ludicrous. I mean really, if you can dream of a story you can write it down. Right? 

Needless to say I was very idealistic then. I approached everything with a clearly thought out (borderline narrow minded) plan. Then I got my column and all my “what is writers block” inquiries finally caught up with me. My column was due at midnight it was 11:30 pm and my laptop screen was completely empty save for the blinking cruiser, that seemed to be blinking out your never going to make it, in Morse Code.

So what is writers block? Writers block is more then just not being able to find the words to describe your story in a way that satisfies you. I think the best way to bring out what writers block is would be with an illustration. My sister and I love to go ride our bikes. Around here there are a lot of hills that you have to pedal up, but then there is always the rush of the down hill ride. Well one day we were riding and it was really windy (hurricane season). The wind was at our face most of the ride. When we finally made it up the hill the wind was really picking up. During our usual coast down hill there was a moment when the wind was pushing us back up the hill and gravity was pulling us down, and for that moment we were stuck in suspended animation nether moving forward or backward. That is what writers block is, the feeling of being frozen while everything else moves about you, the feeling of doing all the work to pedal up the hill, without the gratifying cruise back down. Since that late night with the blank computer screen Writers block and I have become old frienemies, maybe some day I will beat him till then keep your frienemies close right. Thank you so much all you lovely readers for stopping by, hope to hear from you soon. The comment box is always open.

Passwords and plot lines.

So the oddest thing has been happening to me lately. I have been forgetting my passwords to everything. I think it is because my head has been occupied with a new plot line. I don’t know how most writers operate, but when I come up with a plot I carry it around in my head for a while. You know ironing out the wrinkles in the story. Forgetting things during this time is not unusual for me. Now when I say forget, I mean like walk in a room and forget why I came, or lose my car keys small things. I guess what bugs me is I usually don’t forget things I do daily like, type in my password. And I definitely don’t lock myself out of my wordpress account, took me two hours to get back in. I don’t know if this means this is my best plot yet or I am just losing my mind, In the end I think that is really the part that irks me. Thanks for stopping by all my lovely readers. The comment box is always open can’t wait to hear from you.

Inspiration is all around us.

The search for inspiration, is a road we as writers are always traveling. Personally I never really had a problem in finding inspiration. I know whatever right, I am not trying to brag. Inspiration has always been the one thing that came easy. I guess I can thank my ability to daydream. When you live on 30 acres most of which is wooded, getting inspired isn’t high on the list. Especially when you add the fact that the woods is home to multiple deer, wild turkey, a few wolves and at least one bear, every snapped twig is a moment of inspiration.

So what is my secret to finding inspiration? I would say…. Don’t go looking for it, I never do. I find what inspires us is often unique to you. So let the inspiration find you. For me I find music really puts me in a writing mood. Right now I am typing away to the beat of Muse’s Madness. Dancing, reading, going for a swim, doing something that scares you. Like, walking our wildlife inhabited woods on a moonless night. Anything that clears your head and gets you out of your own way is a good way to get inspired. 

I also let whatever happened today inspire me. For example today I take my puppy My-My to work with me after getting him settled. I was waiting on a customer when I was done I went out back and found My-My’s guilty fangs on a manual to one of my printing presses, and yes it was shredded! His face was priceless he spit out the page and literally sat on the evidence. The fifteen minutes it took to tape the jigsaw puzzle back got me thinking about how long it has been since I blogged, and how much my dear readers would love to hear about My-My’s latest excursion, ergo my inspiration for today. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog all you lovely readers. The comment box is always open can’t wait to hear from you.

Up all night.

Now that the initial high of coming up with a new character is waning I find I am left with the usual check list to fill. What is her motivation? Her hobby? How many friends does she have? What is her profession? and last but not least what is her name? Most of the details came pretty easy. But the one thing that kept me up all night was her name. Her motivation is justice. So what do you name a no nonsense kinda girl.

I wanted my character to be tough but still feminine. So I went through my regular gambit of unisex names Rhylee, Bailee, Jess, Alex etc but non seemed to fit. It was now 2 am I was red eyed and plain out flustered. So I finally decided to move on, I mean forcing creativity never brings results for me. So now I stand back and wait for inspiration to strike again. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog all you lovely readers. Comment box is always open, I can’t wait to hear from you.