I love my cat…. I think ?

Lately I have been having trouble with my internet connection. I attributed the poor connection with the recent storms we have been having. It seemed a logical conculsion since the weather has knocked out our DVR’s recording ability as well. A few days later we are living in sunshine, the DVR is recording all my shows again and yet still no internet. Finally I find out the ugly truth. One of my furry little cats decided to “Expel matter” onto the motem! I almost called the humane society from where I stood. Problem is I have five cats, so finding out which one did it would require that either J. Edgar Hoover and Sherlock Holms to collaborate in some horrid Disney movie fashion. Or I make one of them talk, I offered a nice juicy fish and full immunity to the first one to roll on the others, four days out and the prize is still unclaimed. So I am stuck borrowing any smart phone I can get my hands on and hunting down wifi hubs like a bloodhound. Thank you all my lovely readers for stopping by, the comment box as always is open, and waiting for you.


Trying for an award.

Shine On Award!

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Shine On Award

Thank you, petrel41,  for nominating me Ravenspen for the “Shine on award”! I hope I get this right because this is a beautiful award.


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

So here it goes….

(1) I am an avid book reader.

(2) I love dance.

(3) I am a daydreamer.

(4) Blogging scares me a little.

(5) I stink at gardening, but I still try every year to have the perfect garden.

(6) My-My helps me write my blog sometimes.

(7) I also enjoy horse back riding, My horse is named Tru.


For my 15 nominees here we go.

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I have been thinking a lot about editing and re-editing, mostly because I am elbow deep in edits for my book, and because recently I had the miss fortune of having one of my articles for the paper re-edited by the editor.

Now I have had word changes done to my column, restructured conclusions or introductions, but this was a complete overhaul, when I asked why? They said they were taking the character in my column in a new direction. The thing is I have always gotten good reviews on the column, so I found it odd that they would change it. 

This thought continued to bug me long after the column was printed. Unable to figure out why they changed my column, I began to think about why I changed some of my own characters in my books. I came up with: not a strong character, too boring, not memorable enough. I even changed a characters name in my book, because no one liked the name I picked for her.

The problem is, there was something people didn’t like about each of the characters I changed. People liked the character in my column. Which begs the question: if it’s not broke, does it still need a tune up?

The answer to that question I do not know. So I continue down this new road for my column, and leave you with this question, whose view of a character is best? the peoples, or the authors. Thank you so much all my lovely readers for stopping by. Remember the comment box is always open, can’t wait to hear from you.

Writing without limits.

So up here in the north we have had a week of rainy days. Call it my Scottish roots but all that rain and fog put me in a creative mood. So what to write? I started this blog a few months back relishing the freedom I now have to write what I please. In hindsight I think I just gave myself enough of the proverbial rope to hang myself. Too much freedom can sometimes be just that, too much!

So what to do when you have too much on the brain, to settle down to write? This is when I like to do Free Writing. I recommend using a typewriter or a computer for free writing. Hand writing works but the rhymic typing puts you in a more relaxing state of mind plus most of us can type without looking, so if you close your eyes when you type reading your work after is more of a treat. 

 So how to do it? Free writing is simple just write whatever comes to mind. There are many ways to do it. When starting it is recommended that you set a timer for five minutes and just type whatever you think, don’t worry about typos just type. Later you can expand your time. Another way to free write is to free write with a theme. I like that method best it helps you focus on one thing for an extended amount of time. I free wrote a scene with one of my characters running for the first time. There are many themes to choose from when free writing such as the weather, hobby’s, your day, and even writing itself, anything you want.

Thank you all my lovely readers for stopping by, the comment box is always open, just waiting to hear from you!



Head first or Feet first?

Head first or feet first? That is a question I ask myself whenever I find myself about to embark on something new. Head first means I don’t plan much past signing up or saving for something. Feet first means I carefully plan out every detail before I even take the first step. I find both techniques come with their own downside.

Head first puts you in the thick of it, you don’t know what you are in for, so the journey is a surprise you take step by step overwhelming at times but most of the time well worth the trouble. Problem with head first is you can make mistakes that feet first would have seen coming. Feet first you get to think it through map out where you want to go and possibly avoid any pit falls head first may have dropped you in. The trouble I find with feet first is that I often over think it talking myself out of even trying.

 I find myself thinking of this question because I seem to have morphed from head first to feet first midway through my book. I started head first with a story and a note pad. Now I am in the editing phase and slowed down to feet first trying to map out the edits and failing terribly. This is the first time I changed from one technique to another during the same project, and it is so confusing. So how do I get back to head first? That I don’t know yet, but it has been four months since I looked at the manuscript. I think I am now ready to finish this and get my story out head first. Thank you all my lovely readers for stopping by, the comment box is always open look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You.

This post is for all my loyal readers. Today we hit 100 likes! I say “we” because I wouldn’t have made it without the help of each and everyone of you. And so I say, Thank you, and I love you all.  ~Ravenspen

Doggie faux pas.

So I have been in another one of my writing ruts when I decided to go out, do some shopping and get some air. Walking around a store I chanced upon a clearance section. The reason why it caught my attention was because it literally had a pile of dog toys for like 99 cent. On closer inspection I realized they are the kind of toys that the rubber is made to smell like beef or chicken so I grabbed four for My-My.

When I got home I gave one of the toys to My-My his eyes were huge as he took it from me. I went to get another for My-My’s friend and brother Doonie but thought better of it since Doonie is known to be a ruff player and the rubber wasn’t all that sturdy.

I left the room to get a water bottle and returned to find Doonie had stole My-My’s toy and ripped off the tail yelling at Doonie I gave the toy back to My-My and returned to my empty laptop screen. I was just starting my blog about My gentle player My-My when I looked down and to my horror My-My had ripped off half his toys face and there were various other body parts scattered about. I took the toy away and was telling My-My what a bad boy he was when out of no where he growls jumps up and grabs the toy from me. Horrified I yanked the toy back and threw it out. My-My never acts that way. Then it occurred to me why the stupid toy was 99 cent. The store was desperate to get rid of what was perhaps the worst dog toy idea to date. I mean really a toy that smells like food, of course the dog is going to try to eat it. I had hoped My-My’s little out burst was a heat of the moment thing but I caught him this morning ripping the eye off his stuffed dog. Long story short I think the My-My is just getting started, and all 99 cent items should have a buy at your own risk tag attached. Thank you all my lovely readers for taking the time to stop by. The comment box is always open can’t wait to hear from you.