So I have been in another one of my writing ruts when I decided to go out, do some shopping and get some air. Walking around a store I chanced upon a clearance section. The reason why it caught my attention was because it literally had a pile of dog toys for like 99 cent. On closer inspection I realized they are the kind of toys that the rubber is made to smell like beef or chicken so I grabbed four for My-My.

When I got home I gave one of the toys to My-My his eyes were huge as he took it from me. I went to get another for My-My’s friend and brother Doonie but thought better of it since Doonie is known to be a ruff player and the rubber wasn’t all that sturdy.

I left the room to get a water bottle and returned to find Doonie had stole My-My’s toy and ripped off the tail yelling at Doonie I gave the toy back to My-My and returned to my empty laptop screen. I was just starting my blog about My gentle player My-My when I looked down and to my horror My-My had ripped off half his toys face and there were various other body parts scattered about. I took the toy away and was telling My-My what a bad boy he was when out of no where he growls jumps up and grabs the toy from me. Horrified I yanked the toy back and threw it out. My-My never acts that way. Then it occurred to me why the stupid toy was 99 cent. The store was desperate to get rid of what was perhaps the worst dog toy idea to date. I mean really a toy that smells like food, of course the dog is going to try to eat it. I had hoped My-My’s little out burst was a heat of the moment thing but I caught him this morning ripping the eye off his stuffed dog. Long story short I think the My-My is just getting started, and all 99 cent items should have a buy at your own risk tag attached. Thank you all my lovely readers for taking the time to stop by. The comment box is always open can’t wait to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Doggie faux pas.

  1. This made me giggle. What a scene! I feel bad for the pups that the beef smelling toy wasn’t actually edible. They must have thought it was treats.

    1. Yes it was scary I can’t stress enough what a bad idea it was getting My-My that toy. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I simply love hearing from my readers ❤

  2. Your post gave me vivid images of mass murder and great chewing and gnawing! And somehow i moved from little dogs to big humans! Whew!

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