Lately I have been having trouble with my internet connection. I attributed the poor connection with the recent storms we have been having. It seemed a logical conculsion since the weather has knocked out our DVR’s recording ability as well. A few days later we are living in sunshine, the DVR is recording all my shows again and yet still no internet. Finally I find out the ugly truth. One of my furry little cats decided to “Expel matter” onto the motem! I almost called the humane society from where I stood. Problem is I have five cats, so finding out which one did it would require that either J. Edgar Hoover and Sherlock Holms to collaborate in some horrid Disney movie fashion. Or I make one of them talk, I offered a nice juicy fish and full immunity to the first one to roll on the others, four days out and the prize is still unclaimed. So I am stuck borrowing any smart phone I can get my hands on and hunting down wifi hubs like a bloodhound. Thank you all my lovely readers for stopping by, the comment box as always is open, and waiting for you.


8 thoughts on “I love my cat…. I think ?

  1. Cats. You love ’em, but boy – do they test your patience. Last night mine brought in a bird and proceeded to devour it on my bed. The ceiling fan was on, so there are feathers everywhere. He almost became a permanent outdoor cat after that.

  2. Beastly!! I can relate, in a way. One feline that lives with us here, amongst a gang of at least 12,000 cats, I mean 6 cats, thinks it is absolutely fabulous to sleep on the modem…I think I have successfully dispelled this habit of her’s after some awfully stern training…(or rather…excessively patient stake-outs with wheezy water bottles and with great amonts of pleading and bequeathing of treats), but she does have moments where her will starts to crumble, and she warbles toward gently humming, delightfully toasty little modem with glazed eyes and a swishing tail…

    I know if I placed modem on the floor, not only would it become a permanent cat sauna, but I fear it might eventually befall a similar fate as your own…oh dear…

    Excellent read all the same, so sorry this happened, but at least none of the fiends, I mean delightfully furry, smiling whiskered little cherubims, were harmed in any sudden lapse of sanity upon discovery of ruined modem.

    P.S. Love your style of writing. Glad to have found your blog. Looking forward to reading more. Many cheers,

    Autumn Jade

    1. It is good to know I am not alone in the battle to protect modem. Thank you so much for leaving your comment, I laughed so hard. Your comment was the perfect ending to this blog.

  3. Wonderful story, maybe your little kittie was just trying to tell you something, like, get a NEW modem AND put it somewhere unreachable by cats (trouble with that might be, YOU won’t be able to reach it without an extension ladder either) 😛

    1. True I don’t think there is a place too high for the kitties to reach. Honestly I think they were just trying to tell me to stop keeping them up at all hours of the night with my writing :/

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