I started this summer with grand plans. I was going to have a beautiful garden that was going to be the talk of the town. I was going to groom the trails leading through our woods. You know really Martha Stewart it up, ending it all with a middle of summer blueberry bash. So far I have a weed bed masquerading as our garden. I never got the chance to till it, but I did get a chance to catch a summer cold and my beautiful trails have four massive down trees on them. We have been having buckets of rain here in the north so I have a field of green berries where there should be blue. So far my summer can be summed up with such words as… disaster, fiasco, comedy of errors without the humor, oh and my personal favorite, You might want to get that cough checked out. Despite my epic failures things did start to look up, when I was gifted eight adorable yellow bell tomato plants. I brushed aside that nagging evil voice that said, here at the end of June in a climate where we only get three months of warm weather these plants are worthless and I took the gift. The little note that accompanied the gift said that the junior tomatoes haven’t been hardened off yet. So I carefully checked the weather it was going to be 65 degrees tonight with a 20% chance of rain showers. Perfect weather for hardening off plants. So I plop my Jr tomatoes on the front porch and go to bed. I wake up around 2am to the sound of a massive rain storm I am pretty sure there was hail. This morning my Jr tomatoes were flattened, and with them my dreams of a perfect summer. Thank you all my lovely readers for taking the time to read my post. The comment box is always open I’d love to hear from you too.

10 thoughts on “Summer plans come, Summer plans go.

  1. July 1st crept up like a thief in the night
    summer is now somewhere in mid flight
    I too have than cold from where?
    my gardens are have done with weeding
    but no summer veggies are there
    time has run amuck…oh no! another achoo!
    who knew
    what to do… that wasn’t done
    this summer hasn’t been much fun…
    maybe July will be better
    dryer not wetter
    for you
    for I need more rain in the South, I do!

    your post is my world…I get started and blaaa…its like the world tilted and I am hanging
    on by the fingernail that just broke….
    Hope you feel better soon….now I will go back to domestic Goddess chores…LOLs..
    you made me smile …Thank you
    Take Care…

      1. that works for me!
        I am looking out the window thinking I should water since the rain has evidently gone away again…
        it is a brisk 63′ though I do like that!
        but send some rain our way…we would appreciate it!
        Take Care

  2. My summer plans were way more ambitious than my energy level. Lousy weather — first all rain and cold, now oppressive heat makes me less likely to weed, etc. I do have a garden and my tomatoes are doing well though so I am not complaining. Next year I will downsize my plans!

  3. Summer has been crappy here too, too hot, way too hot.
    I can’t wait o go on vacation, my only hope is that the corn and pumpkins I planted turn out to be good, I’m craving sweet corn.

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