I sit here staring at my screen absentmindedly flipping my 2 minute hourglass over and over, Float On from Modest Mouse plays on the CD player. Today has been one long lesson in the pitfalls of taking a shortcut. First off I decided to start blogging again but I couldn’t remember my password and I didn’t want to go through all the hoops to retrieve it, so I decided it was easier to start a new blog, aka the shortcut. Trouble is I couldn’t make headway no comments, no followers only empty silence! So I decided to hop the hoops and get back home after about two hours I finally got back in to my old account and it felt oh so good, but I was totally burned out so I took a shortcut and reblogged a few articles from my new blog to tide this one over, just till I had time to write something good, then I deleted the new account. The funny thing is when you delete a blog account it also deletes everything you ever wrote. So I have two blank articles on my site and I have no idea how to remove them. You would think lesson learned, and there you would be wrong. Cause today was just the reckoning for a lifelong pattern of shortcuts. Skipping three hours into the day and we are going to make chocolate cheesecake. Now I had found a great recipe online, did I write it down? Nope, I took a shortcut and bookmarked the site instead. Needless to say a half hour of searching and I still can’t find that recipe. It didn’t bookmark! Oh surely this ends the reckoning now. Well to end something you first have to learn something, did I? Oh course not. Exhausted from my J. Edgar Hoover like hunt for a decent chocolate cheesecake recipe I baked the cheesecake and realized we don’t have any whip cream. I could get it now, but we have a family outing later, I’ll get it after. Aka the shortcut. That’s the funny thing about small towns most shops are closed by 9pm but that’s ok the outing will be done around 8:40pm plenty of time. Lets play that second episode of Amazing Race. Unfortunately this particular store has started their winter hours which means closed by 8pm. I did not know that when I decided to take that shortcut. Flash forward four hours and you find me standing in an empty parking lot, in the pouring rain outside a closed grocery store. Long story short (…..Hmmm, I guess I never learn,) a shortcut is often the fastest way to the longest route. Thank you for taking the time to read my post all you Loverly readers, feel free to leave a comment, I promise I’ll read them all. Can’t wait to hear from you.


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