I stare at the blank screen in front of me, Hoodie On by Matt and Kim plays on my CD player. Thinking over my day and what I will blog about, The only word that comes to mind is Limoncello. It started after a long day, work and other errands had us running well into the evening and by evening I mean 6pm, what can I say it’s a small town. Anyway I had made lemon cheesecake earlier today. The only thing that got me through the day was knowing when I get home I had an episode of Project Runway, a huge slice of cheesecake, and a small glass of Limoncello. Trouble is we didn’t have any Limoncello. Now for some odd reason the odds of finding a bottle of Limoncello around here is akin to finding a million dollar bill just laying in the street. Anyway the last time we tried  and failed, the store owner said to try a store, for privacy sake we will just call Mountain. But by then we were too tired to bother, so this time we decide to start there. Walking into Mountain we carefully look up and down the aisle before asking a tired looking attendant if they had any Limoncello? Scratching his head he looks at us a vacant look on his face.

“Uh no we don’t carry that, uh try Rite Aid they should have some.”

So on to Rite Aid, it’s getting pretty dark and Rite Aid isn’t located in the best part of town, and by not the best part of town I mean across from a court-house and prison. Adding to the already tense situation I notice Rite Aid has upped their security as of late I wasn’t sure if that was reassuring, or cause for concern. Either way we were out of the car now so mine as well go inside. Looking through the liquor aisle before again asking the attendant if they carried Limoncello?

“Ah no you should try Will’s.”

Not sure where, or who, Will was we left. Sitting in the car I finally figure it out, “isn’t Will’s the local Hannaford that was recently sold!?” Yes was the unanimous reply, but wasn’t that the first place we checked when we tried last time? With nothing left to lose we drove down to Will’s. Entering the store we cut to the chase and go straight to the attendant. “Do you carry Limoncello here?”

“Um what’s that?” The attendant asked a vacant look spreading across her face. But it didn’t matter for my sister spotted the bright yellow bottle behind the attendant. Thus ending our hunt for Limoncello right where we began it a month ago. As I sip my small glass of Limoncello, I think over the three stores and long liquor aisles we searched and I ask myself was it all worth it?

You bet ya!

Thank you all you loverly readers for taking the time to read my post. Feel free to leave a comment as always I promise I’ll read them all.


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