Daydreamer by Adele plays on my CD player, I sit here looking at my blank screen and the most amazing thing happened. Suddenly my mind was as blank as my computer screen. It’s a funny little phenomenon that hits every writer. You go through the whole day literally being hit in the face at every turn with inspiration. Finally you get a minute to write, sitting down bustling with thoughts and ideas, you turn on the computer get the music just right and….. Nothing, where words should be pouring out, there is only questions and confusion.

What was I going to write about?

How did that thought go again?

Why did I decide to become a writer?

Every writer has been there, some call it writer’s block, others call it don’t quit your day job. I call it a rough patch. Mainly because for me whose writer’s block sits squarely on, This is really hard street and Whose idea was this anyway Lane. I don’t use the term “W.B” till at least two weeks with no success. So what do we do? I say draw on your knowledge of yourself, find out whatever it is that makes you tick. For example I have fixed my writer’s block simply by buying a new pen. This particular block I had today, was fixed by a trick I learned in the horse world. If you approach a horse like you only have five minutes it will take all day. But if you approach a horse like you have all day it will only take five minutes. I was trying to hurry up and write this post I simply had to take some time to calm down and breath and it only took five minutes. So all you writers out there at the cross roads of Do I give up Lane and I can’t write a sentence road. Dig deep any writer’s block can be overcome. Till then, take the time while your blocked to watch the sunrise on a new day, because writer’s write. Thank you, all you loverly readers for taking the time to read my post feel free to leave a comment in the comment box I promise I’ll read them all, I can’t wait to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Vanishing Ideas.

  1. I think a couple ways to help with writer’s block is to send a text to yourself to remember the thought you had in mind. And to keep a diary. I like the horse world and time concept that can be a blog all in itself!

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