Tips and Tricks

Off with your Head by Yeah Yeah Yeahs plays on the radio. A fitting song considering my topic for today. Having survived the first cold of the season only slightly worse for wear, I have been thinking a lot about how to avoid the sick bed for the rest of the season. Especially when you add the fact that we just got our first snow flurry of the season today.

I am going to kick off this tips and tricks list. 6 ways to avoid the dreaded New England cold and flu season with an disclaimer. I am not a doctor, nor am I affiliated with the medical profession. Oh and I’m not endorsing any of these medicines or vitamins mentioned. Phew that being said, I am simply a slightly germaphobic New Englander who has a plan. So here we go.

1. Prepare.  Collect cold and flu supplies early.

2.Wash your hands often. An oldie but a goodie. Hand sanitizer works in a pinch.

3.Vitamin C, Echinacea, Zinc. Take these if you’re feeling under the weather or if you were exposed to someone who is sick.

4.Rest. Overdoing it is a sure way to catch the cold or flu of the season.

5.Mild Exercise. To help keep your circulation flowing.

6.Stay out of crowds!

With these tips in mind lets go out and actually dare to stay healthy this cold and flu season. Thank you, all you loverly readers for taking the read my post. I’d love to hear your tips for beating the cold and flu season. Feel free to leave a comment, I promise I’ll read them all.


Blogs & Vlogs

I sit here squinting at my sisters laptop in front of me, nothing is playing on the CD player today, I simply don’t have the energy to make the ten step hike from bed to CD player. Lately since I caught the cruel side effect of a New England cold and flu season, I have been drinking a lot of fluids, and resting as much as my busy life will let me. To pass the copious amounts of time I find myself catching up on my reading, and watching a lot of YouTube videos, daily vlogs to be exact. I started thinking about the difference between blogs and vlogs. I started to work on the idea of writing a blog comparing and contrasting the blog vs the vlog. Here is where I got stuck, while I know most of the pros and cons of blogs, I was sorely lacking intel on the pros let alone the cons of vlogs.

What to do?

Maybe its the leading brand cold and flu medication going to my head, but I got really excited. A plan began to form, I have always learned best with hands on training, it’s how I learned to run my printing press, drive a standard, and how to manage a hyper active Aussie pup who makes sonic the hedgehog look sluggish. I have always wanted to do a hands on project, so here is what I’m thinking, I’m going to start a vlog!

What the name will be… No clue.

What the subject will be… Uh, working on it.

When will it start…. January, yay I got one.

The point is I don’t know how to vlog, edit, upload, or voice over. Really I don’t know how to do anything video related. This should be interesting, it could be a giant flop. Either way I promise to keep you all informed. Thank you, all you loverly readers for taking the time to read my post. Feel free to leave a comment, I promise to read them all. Can’t wait to hear from you.


I sit here smiling at the end of my bed, What Sarah Said by Death Cab For Cutie plays softly on my tablet. My cheeks are still slightly cool from being out in the night air. But it was worth every second. I had just spent the last hour staring at the New England night sky. It was unseasonably warm this November evening with a constant cool breeze, the light on the lighthouse over the breakwater waxed bright before waning into darkness. But the night sky was alight with stars twinkling in blazing reds and neon blues. Nothing quite matches the excitement one feels standing under the starry night sky, the feeling of being so very small in a universe so vast. I often take a minute to drink in the stars on a clear night, but this evening was different for tonight as I looked into the unending night, I saw a shooting star. Now contrary to popular belief a shooting star is not a slow moving light crossing the night sky, actually a shooting star is just that, a star moving roughly as fast as you would expect if it were shot from a cannon. So fast, like blink and you’ll miss it kinda fast. Not that I had to worry, as I mentioned earlier, tonight was special. For tonight we had for lack of a better word, a mini meteor shower. For a brief moment the sky looked as though it was literally breaking apart. It was breathtakingly exhilarating, and well worth standing outside as the night air changed from unseasonably cool to cold. Thank you all you loverly readers for taking the time to read my post, feel free to leave a comment I promise to read them all. Can’t wait to hear from you.