I sit here smiling at the end of my bed, What Sarah Said by Death Cab For Cutie plays softly on my tablet. My cheeks are still slightly cool from being out in the night air. But it was worth every second. I had just spent the last hour staring at the New England night sky. It was unseasonably warm this November evening with a constant cool breeze, the light on the lighthouse over the breakwater waxed bright before waning into darkness. But the night sky was alight with stars twinkling in blazing reds and neon blues. Nothing quite matches the excitement one feels standing under the starry night sky, the feeling of being so very small in a universe so vast. I often take a minute to drink in the stars on a clear night, but this evening was different for tonight as I looked into the unending night, I saw a shooting star. Now contrary to popular belief a shooting star is not a slow moving light crossing the night sky, actually a shooting star is just that, a star moving roughly as fast as you would expect if it were shot from a cannon. So fast, like blink and you’ll miss it kinda fast. Not that I had to worry, as I mentioned earlier, tonight was special. For tonight we had for lack of a better word, a mini meteor shower. For a brief moment the sky looked as though it was literally breaking apart. It was breathtakingly exhilarating, and well worth standing outside as the night air changed from unseasonably cool to cold. Thank you all you loverly readers for taking the time to read my post, feel free to leave a comment I promise to read them all. Can’t wait to hear from you.


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