I sit here squinting at my sisters laptop in front of me, nothing is playing on the CD player today, I simply don’t have the energy to make the ten step hike from bed to CD player. Lately since I caught the cruel side effect of a New England cold and flu season, I have been drinking a lot of fluids, and resting as much as my busy life will let me. To pass the copious amounts of time I find myself catching up on my reading, and watching a lot of YouTube videos, daily vlogs to be exact. I started thinking about the difference between blogs and vlogs. I started to work on the idea of writing a blog comparing and contrasting the blog vs the vlog. Here is where I got stuck, while I know most of the pros and cons of blogs, I was sorely lacking intel on the pros let alone the cons of vlogs.

What to do?

Maybe its the leading brand cold and flu medication going to my head, but I got really excited. A plan began to form, I have always learned best with hands on training, it’s how I learned to run my printing press, drive a standard, and how to manage a hyper active Aussie pup who makes sonic the hedgehog look sluggish. I have always wanted to do a hands on project, so here is what I’m thinking, I’m going to start a vlog!

What the name will be… No clue.

What the subject will be… Uh, working on it.

When will it start…. January, yay I got one.

The point is I don’t know how to vlog, edit, upload, or voice over. Really I don’t know how to do anything video related. This should be interesting, it could be a giant flop. Either way I promise to keep you all informed. Thank you, all you loverly readers for taking the time to read my post. Feel free to leave a comment, I promise to read them all. Can’t wait to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Blogs & Vlogs

  1. Hey, if you want to find out about doing vlogs just go to Youtube and do a search. There is a video for everything out there:)

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