I sit here sharing a peanut butter sandwich with My-My, when we were young by Adele plays on the radio, the smell of bleach still hangs in the air. I’ve been cleaning the bathroom, for the second time today. I have been cleaning a lot lately, which if you ask my sister means I am blocked on my current manuscript, a fact I vehemently deny mind you! But there maybe some truth to the theory. My cleaning sprees do tend to coincide with my bad writing days, it seems like the more cluttered my plot, the more I try to work it out by scrubbing everything around me. I’ve been looking into different articles about writers block I found an interesting article in an old issue of O magazine it was all about the different things we as writers do to fend off writer’s block. I won’t elaborate but we do some pretty quirky thing hehehe, the part of the article that really stuck out to me is that as writers we access the part of our brain that houses our dreams, so basically all writers live in a constant daydream which is also why we are so prone to block, we are literally asking our brains to kick into dream mode while we are awake, simply fascinating. The only trouble is the part of our brain that houses our dreams, also houses the source of madness! Which in a way is comforting, in the fact that it confirms my suspicion, that I must have been stark raving mad to decide to let my love of writing put me on the path to become a writer. But what can I do, I love it. Besides there are worse things then living in a waking dream state creating a world where anything is possible with the stroke of a pen, and a little madness makes life fun. Thank you all my loverly readers for taking the time to read my post the comment section is always open, I promise I read them all.


7 thoughts on “A Writer’s Quirks.

  1. Interesting point about daydreaming and writing going hand in hand. This would mean that if you are under stress you would naturally tend to be much more tuned into reality and thus as a result suffer from writer’s block. Very insightful!

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