Welcome to my house by Flo-Rida plays on the radio, I sit here thinking back over my day, it was one of those special days. It snowed today, a loverly snowstorm that looked like confectionery sugar falling from the sky. Now I know a snowstorm isn’t really news for those of us that live in Maine, I mean it is February. But the weather was bad enough to give me the day off. So I have decided to devote a part of this found day to writing. Which I haven’t done yet, but its only 4pm the days still young. (Oh wait this counts as my writing quota for today.)

Anyway today is one of those reflective kind of days, something about the way the snowfalls, makes you really want to cuddle up and read, or in my case write. Then life hits you. (Hard) I loaded up my computer and and hit Google Chrome which had barely loaded then I swiped my hand to type in my WordPress password, only to end up back at my start menu. Now I don’t know if Windows8 is just hard to work, or if I am just really bad at working Windows8. But I blame Windows8. Sick of being sent back to start every time I try to scroll, I hooked up my wireless mouse. I put the little nano thingy in the computer which made a loud bell like sound, then I turned on my mouse. First thing I noticed was the bell sound was accompanied by a small loading window which is strange, anyway I carried on and reinstalled the software, but the mouse still didn’t work so I tried a different slot, same thing so I reloaded the software clicking all the little boxes etc etc, still nothing. I tried all the slots which meant I reloaded the software like three times, surely the software is loaded now. Still nothing. So I Googled the problem they had me check the mouse for damage, it was as perfect as the day I bought it, nothing was blocking the sensor either, it just wasn’t working. I was about to retry all the little slots, when one thing hit me, it was simply too easy to be it, but I tried it anyway. I changed the battery….. Much to my chagrin that was it. It was so simple Google didn’t even mention it,  and those are 30 minutes I won’t be getting back. For the record, I still blame Windows8. Thank you all my loverly readers for taking the time to read my blog. The comment box is always open, feel free to tell me how you spend an unexpected day off, go on don’t be shy, I promise I read them all.


5 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. I have windows 8.1 and things tend to bind up near the end of computer battery charge—or gets too hot. How long did your mouse battery last, anyway? Good post—I’d try to convert it into poetry (too many dtails). But you could check out my PARTING GREETINGS, to see if I got a rush hour lane cut in okay?

    1. Thank you, I liked Parting Greeting, I always admire those who can write poetry, I never could master the art. The battery lasted about 4 months with minimal use, which is why I didn’t even think of it hehehe.

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