I sit here brushing chalk dust off my hands, Are we out of the woods? by Taylor Swift plays softly on the radio. It has been a creative day, I woke up after pulling an all night-er. I always feel creative after spending a night reading a delicious book, its one of the perks of being an insomniac. When I finally woke up I was greeted by the sun, it was nice to see the sun after so many grey days. Its rays shined through my window onto one of my favorite piece of wall decor, my chalkboard. I realize it is an odd thing to cherish so much, especially when you consider the fact that the sound of chalk on a chalkboard sets my teeth on edge. Really I’m getting all clinchie just thinking about it. But what can I say? I have always loved the look of a chalkboard on a wall with a nice quote.

So back to this morning I looked at the quote on my wall “I can, and I will.”  Its a loverly quote, that has seen me through many a rough writing patches, but I have had it for almost six months now, it was time to change it. There in lies the rub. When I searched far and wide for the perfect chalkboard. (It took three months to find one.)  They were harder to find then I had thought, all the chalkboards were either too small, or too large finally I found it, nestled on the bottom shelf. It was on sale and would fit perfectly in the spot I picked. Picking it up I clutched my prize to my chest, my head was filling with beautiful artistic pictures, and humorous quotes, I was half way to the register when I remembered I needed chalk, so last second before running up to the register I picked up a pack of organic chalk, I had no idea what organic chalk was, in fact I wasn’t entirely aware chalk was toxic, as a home schooler I used chalk all the time. But it sounded good, came in a wide range of colors, and was cheap. A ring a ding, ding, it was coming home with me. The next day I cured my chalkboard as directed and excitedly pulled out the chalk. I was going to make little daisies with the quote I can so I will in the center just like the pinterest pictures. The only problem was unlike all the pictures on pinterest all my letters were coming out either opaque or scratchy. Now I know its poor form for an artist to blame their tools. Fortunately I’m not an artist! I don’t know what happened in the process to fix our toxic chalk, and make it organic but it left me with virtually usable chalk. Finally I looked up chalkboard art supplies on the internet, I was surprised to see there are a plethora of tools everything from chalk markers, to pastel chalk. I learned a lot that day and look forward to making my daisy board some day soon, till then I learned a few things about the organic chalk the brighter the color the better it writes. It took about an hour but I finally got a presentable quote on my wall because as the quote says I CAN, AND I WILL. Thank you so much all you loverly readers for taking the time to read my post. Feel free to follow my new quote to Free the words of your soul, Write. And leave a comment, I promise I read them all.


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