Fire in the Water by Fiest plays on the radio, I sit here contemplating the meme on Facebook, The air hurts my face, why do I live where the air hurts my face!? That meme always pops up whenever temperatures drop as they so often do here during the winter. I never really paid much attention to it, I mean it does comes up multiple times during the winter season. This winter by all accounts, has been mild. (But lets not forget I am measuring all my data against a Maine winter.) We have been hovering in the early 40’s to 20’s most of this year, however this is Maine, and a mild winter doesn’t mean you get to live through it all warm and toasty like. This week was the week we all pay for the warm days and fanciful daydreams of Spring. It was suppose to be cold, bring you pets in, and check them after they go out for frostbite kind of cold. No matter such is life here in the north, I woke up to the bracing feeling of a frosty morning, Dad was frantically checking all the pipes in our house for freezing  and us girls were getting ready for work.

It sure was a cold day, by the time we left it had warmed up to about 5 degrees. The car took two attempts to get started, it was freezing but the heating in the van can be a bit touchy so we carefully set the heat temperature to 68 degrees, any higher and the system overheats. No matter 68 is still 63 degrees warmer then outside. So off we went it takes about 38 minutes to get to work, about 15 minutes in I noticed that the heat wasn’t coming out very warm. I casually mentioned that it feels cooler then usual, but we all agreed its just the day, everything feels cold when its only five degrees out.

“Four, four degrees out.” my sister commented from the back seat, pointing to the temperature above my head. It was around the 20 minute mark that we all started to realize something was not right. I was beginning to loose feeling in my fingers.

“Is that thing even on?” mom asked fiddling with the dials.

Nothing worked and the van was steadily getting colder, it use to be when someone spoke you could see their breath cloud, now you could literally see us all breathing.

Let’s just turn it off. mom suggested. But as soon as we turned off the system all the windows clouded up. I couldn’t see a thing, so back on went the heating (and I use that term loosely.) This time however it wasn’t even trying to fool us, as soon as we turned on the heat it was a shot in the face of arctic rage. The heating had quit and we were still 10 minutes out from work. Grimly we drove on, it was only ten minutes, but somehow when you have four degrees blasted in your face and your loosing feeling in your whole body it seems longer. I gained a new respect for all the arctic explorers of old, freezing with only the hope of heat left to keep you going, its not as amazing as it sounds in history. Fortunately the heating decided to work again on the way home, however from now on I’m taking my heavy coat with me to work just in case. Thank you, all you loverly readers for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to leave a comment, I promise I read them all.



4 thoughts on “Antarctic-Car

  1. I can feel your pain especially when we consider the fact that this is a mild winter and we are all getting off quite easy in New England. Or shall we call it New Antarctica!

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