The Man Who Never lied, by Maroon 5 plays on the CD player while I sit here eating my homemade donut, and maybe more then a few of my words. Many of you may have remembered my Blog vs Vlog post. For those of you who don’t. It was a random thought process that compares the Pros and Cons of Blogs and Vlogs, which one is harder, takes more time etc. But at the time I didn’t have much experience with Vlogs having never done one, the closest I could get was the stuff I saw on YouTube. They have everything on that site, including tutorials on How to Vlog, and How to make your daily Vlog successful. (Good stuff by the way, very informative). Not having a clue how Vlogging works, and really wanting to give it a try, I decided to file away the Pro/Con list, just till I had done some actual Vlogging. It was December at the time, I believe I said something about a Vlog going up in January? (Yes I was that arrogant).

Well, for the record, Blogging while not always easy is easier then Vlogging. Now hold on, all you writers out there, before you leave this post let me explain, why I, as a writer  would dare say that. And bear in mind one thing, as Bloggers we get to write from the comfort of our homes. First off, what the How to Vlog tutorials fail to point out, is how extremely awkward it is to walk around carrying a camera, (and talking to yourself). People start giving you the, your a freak looks. Second its tricky trying to get a flattering angle on your face when you can’t see what your filming. Third either you talk too loud or no one can hear you. And while you all know I tend to suffer from writers block, there is a whole other kinda block that hits once that red record light comes on. I mean teachers should patent that when they need to quiet a rowdy class room. Fourth if you finally get a good angle, nice content, and decent footage there is still the editing process, now that’s a whole new kind of animal. Honestly the list goes on for days, and much to my shame its been almost two months since I said I was going to get a Vlog out, and I just finally figured out how to get the video off my SD card and onto my laptop,(thanks to YouTube). Here’s hoping I’ll have my Vlog up sometime before Fall. Thank you, all you loverly readers for taking the time to read my post, feel free to leave a comment I promise I read them all.


2 thoughts on “The Plan.

  1. Editing is what I hear people complain about the most when it comes to vlogging. And as you mentioned finding the right place and event to vlog. Hope you can overcome these challenges!

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